What is BlueTorch?
BlueTorch Network Solutions, Inc has been delivering website solutions for over 17 years in communities just like yours. In fact, you may find that we are already in your community.  We deliver a complete web experience designed specifically for you.  Communities, School Districts, County and Government offices in 38 states and over 2500 users depend on BlueTorch to deliver the community experience they've always wanted.  Read more about our products.

We continue to grow each year and put our focus on creating a long-term relationship with our customers. We realize you, the customer is the reason we are still thriving since our humble beginning in 2002.  In fact, much of our development is built from the feedback of our customers.  We are ready to build a better solution with you. Join our experience.
Our History
Because of our long-established and loyal customer base, we faired well through the difficult national financial challenges that everyone was experiencing, and stuck to our promise of always delivering more for less.  So while other companies raised their rates, reduced their product offerings, or even went out of business completely, we continued to develop new features and functions as quickly as we could, and even lowered our prices to help our schools during these difficult times.


13 years and 2300 schools later, we were still growing our selection of features, functions and integrated modules, including the new SchoolDesk Connections, Web Classes and Distance Learning, Student-Safe Email, Integrated HelpDesk and much more.  At this point, we were a major player in the national educational web hosting industry.  While many of our competitors have come and gone, SchoolDesk has endured and continued to lead the way.


After 16 great years and hundreds of customer requests for us to provide our services to various communities for a wide variety of websites, we finally launched the sister company to SchoolDesk called CivicSites, with a focus of providing the same great quality and services that we've always given to our school customers since our inception, but now focused on the civic, government and community market.  Built on a new and vastly improved platform with even more features and functions than what was available at SchoolDesk, CivicSites has hit the ground running by having a backlog of new pending customers long before it was even officially launched!




Our first product launch, SchoolDesk.  We started small with just one school system in north Georgia that wanted a custom-built website with lots of different functions geared toward schools but also wanted a personal touch in terms of training and support.  They didn't want to be just another "number" with some big, impersonal giant.  So, we launched SchoolDesk with an intense focus on the specific needs of our customers, while delivering the best possible web experience


In just three short years, our reputation as a quality service provider that really paid attention to the wants and needs of our customer exploded simply by word of mouth. Already serving over 500 schools, we steadily increased our features and functions while trying to keep up with the fast paced changes of the Internet and web site hosting industry.  We hired a couple new developers and several more support team members to keep up with our rapid growth.


About BlueTorch

BlueTorch provides a complete web based solutions for community, city county, state and federal uses, ranging from simple one-page private school websites to large school districts with hundreds of schools and departments, and everything in between. With a complete end-to-end website solution that includes setup, custom design, content migration, application integration, unlimited support, training, and ongoing analysis after delivery, most simply put, BlueTorch does it all.

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